Top Ten Ways to Get Over a Breakup: Brought to You by Mitsubishi Motors

We all know that breakin’ up is hard to do. In fact, that’s why I’m writing in this tone. My marketing job has taught me a lot of things, and among them is using a compassionate and empathetic voice with plenty of italics, so it sounds as though I’m speaking directly to you. (I am.) Listen, friend, we may not all earn the paycheck to take a brand-new Mitsubishi Lancer out for a spin, but we can always watch YouTube videos to cheer us up:

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How Not to Get a Job

I’ve been working from home today, writing a few articles for my copywriting job. I enjoy it. It’s a fun output for my writing and, through research I inevitably have to do on the subjects (like granite countertops, limo services, LASIK surgery), I learn a lot.

I was looking through some old documents when I came across a job application. Fresh out of the MFA, I was applying to everything I could find that had anything to do with writing. Whenever they asked for a sample, I sent fiction. After reading an excerpt of my book, a guy got back to me and asked me to submit some essays. “They can be about anything,” he said. “I don’t care what.” He claimed to be too busy with his company and needed someone to write articles that would appear on Huffington Post and Business Insider.

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