The Purple Rose of Cairo

I was alone this Christmas.

For a week I had nothing better to do. I watched movies. I went on a bit of a Woody Allen binge, rewatching Manhattan, Annie Hall, Crimes and Misdemeanors, etc., and caught up on a few I’d missed. Match Point was terrific like everyone says, but the movie I got stuck on was The Purple Rose of Cairo.

Maybe it was because I was alone for so long, missing my family back in Kentucky, that I felt a real connection to the protagonist. Mia Farrow. She goes to the movies a lot. Her husband is a dick. She’s terrible at her job. She sees The Purple Rose of Cairo five times. Jeff Daniels falls in love with her and walks out of the movie. It’s schmaltzy at first as they wander around, but it’s not saccharine. Doesn’t end well for anyone, really, except the real-life Jeff Daniels who comes to get his character back into the movie before his career tanks.

This one is just sad. It hurts to watch. Mia Farrow plays Cecilia with innocence and quirk, but the world around her is too dark for someone like that to ever be happy. You should watch it, I think. One of the better movies I’ve seen this year.

Here’s a link. Enjoy.