NYT: Two Gunshots on a Summer Night

NYT: Two Gunshots on a Summer Night

I found this list of 2013’s best crime journalism as chosen by the nation’s best crime reporters. Still trying to recover from an obnoxious headcold, I read most of them last night under my electric blanket, eating a baguette. The best among them is The New York Times piece on the murder-or-suicide of Michelle O’Connell, the 24-year-old mother and girlfriend of Jeremy Banks, a Floridian deputy sheriff.

I’m really into these interactive articles as I’ve mentioned before, and this one could be the best I’ve read. They’re the logical next step for journalism: flawless prose combined with supplemental material. Here, 911 calls, interviews with witnesses, and the knockout video at the end provide a background to the story and, while the narrative makes it clear which side of the fence the author stands on, the evidence is presented objectively.

This one is a must read for anyone interested in crime or long-form journalism. A gripping narrative and a hard emotional punch will keep you reading until the Arbitrage-like ending.

If you like this one, also check out this Los Angeles Times piece on Chris Dorner.

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